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College Roommates Roommate (defined:) Roommates are persons with whom you share a room, dorm or apartment.

CampusRoommates has over 1800 colleges and universities where you can perform a FREE roommate search. Students you can post a FREE roommate want ad too!

If you have not had a room mate before, then you need to know exactly what is a roommate? And what are you getting yourself into :)

"I Need A Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Room" - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
"I Need A Iowa State University Roommate" - Iowa State University
"that is an aesthetic, vans wearing, skater pos." - Slippery Rock University
"for 2018-19 School year" - Liberty University
"Looking for a roommate who is neat & respectful!" - Assumption College
"For on campus apartments " - Frostburg State University
"I need a roommate!!" - East Carolina University
"Whose a female around my age" - Methodist College
"Freshman.I need a roommate for 2018-2019!" - Ohio State University
"Looking for a roommate!" - Gadsden State Community College
"I need a roommate for on-campus housing!" - Montclair State University
"I need a roommate for on-campus housing!" - Montclair State University
"that is clean/ organized and friendly. " - Azusa Pacific University
"Roommate needed!" - Hagerstown Community College
"Christian LU Freshman Girl Roommate" - Liberty University
"who likes to have fun, rush" - University of Kentucky
"Freshman fall of 2018, need a roommate " - University of Minnesota Crookston
"for my freshmen year of college. " - LaGrange College
"that loves to have fun! " - Saint Francis University
"That is fun and is clean" - Sinclair Community College
"I need a roomate for the Fall of 2018." - Holyoke Community College
"Female roommate wanted!" - Georgia State University
"I need a roommate for the 2018/2019 school year. " - Marshall University
"I need a roommate for the freshmen female dorms" - Campbell University
" I need a roommate " - Louisburg College
"for next year!!" - Saint Xavier University
"I need a roomate at University of Indianapolis" - University of Indianapolis
"because I have a large house with extra bedrooms." - South Mountain Community College
"to split the rent with" - University of Washington
"for an apartment in Central West End " - Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College
"I need a Roommate " - El Camino College
"I need a roommate that wants to live on campus" - Fort Lewis College
"I Need a roommate for Commons 3 Floor Five " - Liberty University
"I need a roomate that is active & into athletics" - Thaddeus Stevens State School of Technology
"I need a freshman roommate for a dorm room!" - Maryville University

Roommate (defined:) A roommate is a person with whom you share a room or apartment.

roommate needed for college studentA roomate is somebody who you share your dorm room, apartment or condo. Initially, they are a person, but sometimes they turn out to be anything but human.

CampusRoommates.com is where you can post a want ad for a new roommate. For the everyday low price of FREE you can have an active account and post as many ads looking for a roommate as you need during that year. Finding a good roommate is tough, but hang in there, you will find somebody compatible to your living habits.

You can also use CampusRoommates.com to search for a new roommate. Responding to a roommate ad is free!

In the spirit of helping you find a good roommate, we have come up with some descriptions of various types of roommates; please feel free to send in your own roommate definitions and descriptions. If we like your roommate description, you have to allow us to post it here!

Great Roommate: A great roommate is considerate of your space, does not steal your stuff, pays their share of the bills, does not mooch all of your food and is not a total slob. A great roommate does not borrow your clothes at random or look better in them than you. And that goes for if your roommate is of the same sex or not. Finally, a great roommate does not have loud parties when you are wanting to study.

Nerd Roommate: A nerd roommate is kinda wierd dude or dudette. You may think they belong to some wierd roommate cult and are a little wacked. The nerd roommate does not ever seem to have any dates and is always heading out to study. You can learn from the nerd roommate especially if your gpa is below a 2.0. A nerd roommate can be a good roommate if you are one that likes your sleep.

sexy college roommates

Party Roommate: The party roommate can be a fun roommate, but lookout for this roommate; they are not there to go to school. This roommate just wants to party. Don't expect to get a lot of sleep except during the day with a party roommate, and we thought that daytime is when you are supposed to be in class. We think that its fun to know the party rooommate especially the cool party roommate who knows all the hot guys and girls, but we don't want the party roommate for our roommate.

Roommate from Hell: Food moochin, no-bill paying, beer cans everywhere, laundry everywhere, party all the time, ten friend sleep-overs that stay a month, he's wearing your best pumps, leaves you holding the bag roommate. That's the roommate from hell.

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